Video: Kary Delaria on navigating corporate waters

Video: Kary Delaria on what makes a brand an online jerk

Doing social media right can be challenging, even more so when you face resistance within the company.

Speaker Kary Delaria has been there. She shared her insights from both the corporate side and the agency side during her talk at Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power.

What forces affect social campaigns, negatively and positively? What can ensure a successful social media launch? How do you stay on track?

Kary’s full presentation “The Accidental Jerk: How Brands Kill the Social Conversation” can guide social media marketers to success within organizations.

You can purchase the hourlong video of her full seminar for just $19.

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Video: Kary Delaria on having a business strategy at the core
before engaging in any social media campaign

Video: Kary Delaria on standing firm against internal pushback on social media efforts

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