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Session descriptions for Y’all Connect 2017:

The Best Videos Ever and the Stories Behind Them

Taylor RobinsonTaylor Robinson: The word “story” gets thrown around quite a bit, especially in video marketing. We all know stories are powerful. We all know if you want to really grab people’s attention, you tell them a good story.

But what makes stories so powerful? Better yet, how can you make the stories you tell as powerful as possible? This session is all about the answers.

Taylor Robinson takes clients’ marketing ideas and turns them into must-watch videos, commercials and teasers. Learn how he breaks down those ideas into story elements that drive plot, characters and emotion.

• 4:50 p.m.

Case Study Conversation: A Look at the Who, What and How of Successful Digital Influencer Campaigns

Stacey FergusonStacey Ferguson: In this interactive conversation, Stacey Ferguson will walk participants through the anatomy of an influencer marketing campaign. From ideating the campaign concept, to selecting the right influencers, to the on-boarding and execution process, and finally reporting, she will uncover the strategies that she and her team use to deliver measurable ROI and ROR to their brand clients, which include Dove, WEtv, the American Heart Association and more.


  • The most important question to ask when designing a digital marketing campaign;
  • Why influencer marketing networks continue to outperform marketplaces;
  • The questions you didn’t know you must ask influencers at the campaign outset;
  • Ways to think outside of the box to achieve your KPIs.

• 10:40 a.m.

Dominate Social Media in Your Industry

James SpannJames Spann: Maximize followers, engagement and loyalty using best time management practices across all platforms (and understanding each platform is different and unique). Meteorologist and broadcaster James Spann isn’t improvising, but relying on hundreds of real world experiments over the years.

Learn his approach for testing a hypothesis, and how to apply his results to your brand and your audience.

• 9:35 a.m.

Hacking the Conversation: Discover Insights Through Social Data and Grow Your Business

Jason FallsJason Falls: Most marketing campaigns are developed around guesswork. The brand or agency in question makes broad assumptions about audiences and their behaviors because qualitative market research is often cost prohibitive. But thanks to social technologies, every marketer now has access to cost effective consumer research – that of online conversations – that can uncover the important insights that drive your customers to engage and even purchase.

In this exploration of social listening and monitoring techniques, Jason Falls will explain the difference in monitoring versus listening, show examples of insights gained by analyzing online conversations and illustrate how you, too, can take the guesswork out of digital and even broad scale marketing campaigns.

• 2:05 p.m.

Marketing Your Company with Facebook Live

Donna FrancavillaDonna Francavilla: Live streaming is becoming mainstream. Anyone with a smartphone can start streaming, and millions are already used to the exciting, real-time content popping up on their favorite social media sites. Is live video a powerful marking tool or risky business?

Donna Francavilla shares the pros, the cons and her best practices in this interactive session.

• 3:45 p.m.

Opening Keynote: Social Media and Generational Difference

Kristin T. ScrogginKristin T. Scroggin: With five generations actively using social media, marketers must understand how each one uses the technology. Great-grandma uses Facebook to talk to her favorite 10-year-old kid, while Dad Snapchats his teens.

Learn what each generation uses, their preferences for contact and how social media has shaped them today. Not only will you learn, but also laugh along the way! 😎

• 8:30 a.m.

Session 6

Whitney BreauxWhitney Breaux: Session description coming soon.

• 1 p.m.

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