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We’ve all seen examples of huge problems in digital marketing. It could be the machinations of a foreign government, a YouTube influencer gone rogue or excluding Facebook users by race for ad campaigns.

Avoiding these problems requires more careful consideration during the development of marketing strategy and tactics. It means asking good questions and taking in as much feedback as possible beforehand — not after when the public is screaming and the media come calling.

Here are a few questions to consider (add your own in the comments):

Should credits for photos, videos, songs, etc. be included in campaigns?

Are creators adequately compensated?

Should users be notified if they’re in groups for split testing?

Are clickbait headlines acceptable?

Should sponsored posts be treated differently than social ads?

How transparent should campaigns be?

What categories should be included in segmenting? For example, age, race, gender, religion, location, sexual orientation, education, medical condition, language, income and others.

How should customer data and demographics be secured?

How do we balance privacy with customer data, such as current location, health stats, purchase history, etc.?

How should cookie data be handled?

Who should be included on a customer mailing list?

What are the rules for disclosure in an affiliate marketing program?

What criteria are used in hiring influencers for campaigns?

How should bloggers be compensated for reviews, product demos, etc.?

Should a campaign included sponsored posts? What disclosure is required?

What types of native advertising should be allowed?

Should marketers use bots to promote social campaigns?

What are the boundaries for tracking individual customer behavior? For cohorts?

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