Video: Ike Pigott on sizing up blog posts

Video: Ike Pigott dissects the thinking behind creating a perfect blog post.

You probably hear a lot of advice about writing blog posts. And while well intentioned, it’s just not helpful.

Ike Pigott cuts through that clutter in his talk, “Less is More, and More Is Better: Size Matters,” at Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power. He looks specifically at putting together blog posts that connect with audiences, but also how they can appear on social channels.

Our guests praised his presentation:

  • “Ike is dynamic and a joy to watch.”
  • “Insights from the frontlines, very well organized.”
  • “Practical, humorous real-life examples of blogging for effect.”

See Ike explain blogging with concrete ways to improve your writing and presentation.

You can purchase the hourlong video of his full seminar for just $19.

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Video: Ike Pigott explains how differences among social media channels can ruin
automated campaigns.

Video: Ike Pigott shows how to format blog posts for audiences of all devices.

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