Video: Andrea Weckerle on the challenge of digital antagonists

Video: Andrea Weckerle shows what to do when facing a potentially sensitive situation.

Customer service isn’t easy. It’s often not very fun either. And online, it can be a constant challenge.

Andrea Weckerle talks about how to deal with these issues in her Y’all Connect talk, “Psychology of Online Antagonists.” (She goes into more detail in her book, “Civility in the Digital Age.”)

Her presentation identifies the potential threats on the Web and ways your brand can deal with them.

Our guests had great things to say about Andrea:

  • “Easy to listen and very informative.”
  • “She knows the stuff. Explains thoughts clearly.”
  • “Very legit speaker and not sales-pitchy.”

Watch the clips to discover how to manage your community and your reputation in better and smarter ways.

You can purchase the hourlong video of her full seminar for just $19.

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Video: Andrea Weckerle outlines four tactics when facing difficult situations and
people on the Web.

Video: Andrea Weckerle explains ways to sniff out imposters hiding in
your online community.

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Andrea Weckerle
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