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Anderson Cooper, Tristan Harris

Video: Is Silicon Valley turning us into smartphone junkies?

A recent “60 Minutes” report looks into Silicon Valley’s role in brain hacking, the practice of understanding how we respond to stimuli so programmers can make their software more compelling.

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Alabama Power

Alabama Power returns as four-time sponsor

Good news: Alabama Power is returning as a silver sponsor for 2017!

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Learn storytelling from Pixar in a free online course

Digital marketers who want to create compelling narratives for their brands can learn from Oscar winners.

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Iron Man

How Iron Man beats both Superman and Batman

Understanding how characters grow is a vital part of storytelling. But it isn’t always that easy to grasp.

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stethoscope and laptop

Understanding our audience through listening

We must practice our listening skills, online and offline, if we want to become better marketers and storytellers.

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Reuters - news video

Are audiences as crazy for videos as advertisers are?

Two studies indicate the format isn’t growing on fans as quickly as once thought.

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Eugen Merher

Run fast, run free: See this student spec spot

Adidas may not care for this homegrown commercial, but the advertising community seems to love it.

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story circles

Video: Understanding Dan Harmon’s storytelling steps

Will Schoder put together the video essay “Every Story Is the Same” to take us through each of Dan Harmon’s storytelling steps.

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Pantone Greenery, okra

Greenery for 2017: A prouder shade of okra

Pantone has a color in mind for 2017: 15-0343. It’s probably easier to call it by its other name, Greenery.

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Brad Bird

Video: Brad Bird tells stories, which happen to be fantastic. And animated.

Bird’s commentary on thoughtful storytelling accompanies footage from his and other animated films. He lauds restraint and emotional connections over nonstop frenetic pacing for the sake of action.

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