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prescription drugs

A prescription for powerful storytelling

For health care, storytelling can become an effective way to break through the clutter and engage people with empathy and personal connections.

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Anderson Cooper, Tristan Harris

Video: Is Silicon Valley turning us into smartphone junkies?

A recent “60 Minutes” report looks into Silicon Valley’s role in brain hacking, the practice of understanding how we respond to stimuli so programmers can make their software more compelling.

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Iron Man

How Iron Man beats both Superman and Batman

Understanding how characters grow is a vital part of storytelling. But it isn’t always that easy to grasp.

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stethoscope and laptop

Understanding our audience through listening

We must practice our listening skills, online and offline, if we want to become better marketers and storytellers.

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Where do you need help with digital marketing? Tell us.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions or point you to the best resources online and offline.

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Let’s kill vanity metrics

Leaders should cut off funding for these ego-driven exercises in vanity metrics. They should demand clear analytics reporting and tie them to specific business goals.

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How do you stand out in the digital world?

Standing out in the digital world isn’t easy, but it is possible. Especially for businesses unafraid to go it alone.

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What do we need to build an online buyer persona?

To create a realistic buyer persona, we need good building blocks. Let me offer some ways to assemble the puzzle into a clear portrait of our target audience.

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flying swings

The unnecessary perpetual motion of social media

What’s the point of your social media?

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5 questions you should ask before guest blogging

The host blogger and guest blogger should confer to create a plan that gives both clear direction and clear expectations.

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