Video: Ike Pigott on the power of stories and blogs

Video: Ike Pigott shares the story of how he started blogging while
working on disaster relief.

Storytelling can be a powerful tool, but only if the teller can reach his audience.

Ike Pigott talked about different facets of this phenomenon in his Y’all Connect opening keynote, “Corporate Storytelling.” He discussed how and why he started blogging more than 10 years ago, as well as how stories shape our beliefs and our perception of reality.

Our guests loved his talk:

  • “Great intro to why storytelling is so important.”
  • “It was inspirational and felt like a true story.”
  • “Ike was warm, natural, funny and his presentation was informative.”

Learn more about Ike’s experience with storytelling in the clips above and below.

You can purchase the hourlong video of his full seminar for just $19.

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Video: Ike Pigott explains the power of narrative, especially within individual beliefs.

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