Video: Donna Francavilla on the magic of Facebook Live

Video: Donna Francavilla shares an adventure on a train using Facebook Live.

People know Donna Francavilla in Birmingham (and across the country) from her time on radio and television, including ABC 33/40, WBHM (90.3 FM) and CBS News Radio. But as she told our guests at Y’all Connect, we all have the power to reach thousands.

It’s Facebook Live. And she uses it along with her broadcast media gear.

Donna shares her thoughts and tips in her talk, “Marketing Your Company with Facebook Live.” Discover what the pros and cons are of this channel, and how to use it for your brand.

Enjoy these clips from her session.

You can purchase the video of her full seminar for just $19.

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Video: Donna Francavilla reviews interesting notes about
Facebook’s livestreaming capability.

Video: Donna Francavilla discusses how to get intimate with your Facebook Live audience.

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