129 more reasons guests give to attend Y’all Connect

Your words make a difference. Whether they’re used to praise us, to scold us or to question us, we listen carefully to what you have to say.

Naturally, we’re happy when you’re happy with Y’all Connect. Just skim through these 129 reasons to attend in 2016 …

  1. “Knowledgeable in leading edge approach and candid.”
  2. “Good topics, good presenters.”
  3. “Very informative and presented clearly!”
  4. “I really needed this!”
  5. “It gave actionable advice I could start applying today.”
  6. “Learned about connecting with audience — interesting points, ideas.”
  7. “I learned useful tips on how to properly merge social media within my organization.”
  8. “Great information, entertaining”
  9. “Great examples and sense of humor”
  10. “Focused and on point”
  11. “There was a great range of expertise, and most of the speakers were entertaining as well as informative.”
  12. “Very interesting, new view on social media.”
  13. “Great info for businesses.”
  14. “Very concise and interesting subjects.”
  15. “I learned new information and things I can put into practice.”


  1. “Currently working on 3-year strategic plan — content fit perfectly!”
  3. “It was a really natural networking atmosphere, and I liked getting to choose which seminar benefited you most.”
  4. “Personable, passionate and simple. Easy to apply.”
  5. “Great energy. Informative info for first-time blogger. Inspirational.”
  6. “It was super useful and gave me tools to understand my audience.”
  7. “Informative and enjoyable/entertaining.”
  8. “Everyone was very knowledgeable.”
  9. “Excellent!! Organized, entertaining and extremely relevant/applicable.”
  10. “Learned a lot about social media strategy.”
  11. “Excellent content for brands and bloggers.”
  12. “Information directly aligns with my career objectives — great speaker”
  13. “It covered the basics while also giving a little ‘next level’ info.”
  14. “Excellent overview, very useful, clear presentation.”
  15. “Very practical advice … focus on overall strategy”


  1. “*Hugely* practical”
  2. “Content was very useful”
  3. “Challenged me to think about elements of a story — I will use this information.”
  4. “It really validated that content is vital”
  5. “Informative – didn’t check my watch ONCE!”
  6. “Most of the info was extremely relevant, repeatable and presented well!”
  7. “Practical suggestions”
  8. “Third time to attend. Always get good info and meet great people.”
  9. “Very informative — great sense of humor.”
  10. “Oh man it was great! Easy, topical, exciting, fun, engaging”
  11. “I learned a lot!”
  12. “Presentations spurred ideas I can use in both private and professional circumstances.”
  13. “It provided more information about measuring your work and developing concrete strategies.”
  14. “Excellent information presented in a very memorable way”
  15. “Great tips”


  1. “It’s quality info with practical application.”
  2. “Very useful.”
  3. “This was stuff I needed to know!”
  4. “Very specific and great examples”
  5. “Great info”
  6. “It was extremely helpful to my interests.”
  7. “Funny, smart, informative”
  8. “Learned a lot to increase effective social media communication.”
  9. “It reignited my passion for social justice and helped me know what to tweet personally.”
  10. “It gave extremely useful information”
  11. “I was able to learn learn a lot of valuable tips pertaining to social media.”
  12. “Very authentic. Great models for demonstrating value”
  13. “Good, real and honest”
  14. “It covered topics relevant to my work and personal interests, and the speakers were knowledgeable and engaging.”
  15. “Very animated and great information. Inspiring!”


  1. “Great actionable content!”
  2. “It reminded me of good, practical marketing steps”
  3. “Entertaining and informative”
  4. “The speakers at the sessions I attended gave actionable information. It was obvious that they ‘practice what they preach,’ which is not always the case with speakers. They were passionate/enjoy what they do and were really good speakers.”
  5. “I learned a lot in a fun, friendly atmosphere that was engaging and relaxed for the most part.”
  6. “I met new people who I foresee growing friendships and partnering with for social networking, brainstorming.”
  7. “This was the PERFECT mix of basic and advanced. Spurred a LOT of ideas for me.”
  8. “I learned new info and met a few good networking contacts for my job.”
  9. “Inventive, humorous — TONS of stats!”
  10. “Plenty of books/resources mentioned.”
  11. “Engaging, informative, fun!”
  12. “There was lots and lots of good info.”
  13. “Gave great ideas and explanations.”
  14. “I learned a lot, attended interesting sessions, and met new people.”
  15. “It was very entertaining and straightforward.”


  1. “Extremely interesting! New-to-me information and ideas”
  2. “Tangible, applicable takeaways”
  3. “Provided specific information I need and came to conference to learn.”
  4. “Good, actionable information”
  5. “Excellent insights offered by the speakers.”
  6. “Supplied resources to find more info”
  7. “Fun and very informative.”
  8. “It gave me new ways to think about content.”
  9. “It was thorough and informative with solid objectives.”
  10. “Funny”
  11. “It was extremely entertaining and informative.”
  12. “It gave me practical info on creating relationships with followers”
  13. “Great takeaways, applicable information”
  14. “Interesting / fun content, up to date.”
  15. “It was very entertaining and provided a *fresh* way of thinking!! Relevant and *applicable*!”


  1. “It gave me really good ideas.”
  2. “It is what I most needed, and the info was very helpful.”
  3. “It was practical and useful.”
  4. “It was not what I thought it was — it was better!”
  5. “Informative — clear, thought provoking.”
  6. “Very useful and well organized and presented”
  7. “Dynamic, confident, knowledgable”
  8. “The examples were on point”
  9. “The speakers were knowledgeable in their fields and very informative.”
  10. “I learned about new tech I can use on the job.”
  11. “Very, very informative.”
  12. “I learned a lot about good storytelling and content.”
  13. “Great practical steps”
  14. “Entertaining, fun, informative.”
  15. “Clear, fresh, could listen for a long time.”


  1. “It was entertaining.”
  2. “Very practical – great tips”
  3. “I got some social media clarity.”
  4. “Great ideas”
  5. “Took away some awesome suggestions.”
  6. “Fun, interesting, different!”
  7. “It gave practical information that I could immediately put to work.”
  8. “Lots of great tips on headlines”
  9. “Very relatable content, a lot of takeaways.”
  10. “It was awesome!”
  11. “It gave great resources and recommendations for books.”
  12. “Very educational and inspiring”
  13. “Hilarious, informative, focused, good examples.”
  14. “Renewed and inspired my thinking about marketing.”
  15. “Informative, engaging, creative.”


  1. “There was so much information that I need.”
  2. “It was very informative.”
  3. “Good fundamental strategies”
  4. “The examples were clear and fantastic.”
  5. “It was well organized and useful information.”
  6. “It was just right in level of detail, logical, useful.”
  7. “Very informative”
  8. “Made a complex subject easy to understand.”
  9. “It helped to inspire new tactics for marketing my business via social media.”
  10. “Great info that applied to bloggers and businesses”
  11. “I learned a lot from the speakers and had opportunities for networking and reconnecting.”
  12. “Dynamic, engaging”
  13. “Very informative. Great tips for engagement.”
  14. “Many great book recommendations”
  15. “Each speaker presented tips and ideas that I will be able to use across social media platforms. I also networked with other bloggers and social media managers which was very helpful.”


  1. “It was extremely relevant and practical”
  2. “It was informative and entertaining.”
  3. “Funny, engaging. Detailed!”
  4. “Great interaction with the crowd — entertaining”
  5. “It presented up-to-date insights on industry trends.”
  6. “My first Y’all Connect was awesome! I enjoyed the variety of speakers and topics. Networking was fantastic, as were the volunteers.”
  7. “Very knowledgeable and informative. Loved it!”
  8. “Very informative! Answered a lot of questions.”
  9. “Great info and networking.”
  10. “Engaging, great sense of humor, exact content presentation I needed!”
  11. “All the engaging speakers with good information.”
  12. “Great information”
  13. “Honest and to the point.”
  14. “Case studies provide rich examples.”

When was the last time you attended an event and heard people raving about everything? We are so lucky to have you as our guest.

Hope to see y’all June 10 at our 2016 conference!

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