Video: Mitch Canter on the chapter and verse of storytelling

Video: Mitch Canter shares the benefits of storytelling and engaging people.

Mitch Canter is not only a veteran Web developer but also a volunteer youth leader at his church. He took his experience from both worlds to present “Storytelling of Biblical Proportions” at Y’all Connect.

His talk explained the elements of a good parable and the commandments of customer engagement.

Our guests had high praise for his talk:

  • “It gave a good framework to think about storytelling.”
  • “Great insights on storytelling. Loved the commandments of customer engagement.”
  • “He took time to explain a better way to tell stories!”

Discover how to enhance your brand through meaningful storytelling and interaction online with Mitch’s insights.

You can purchase the hourlong video of his full seminar for just $19.

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Video: Mitch Canter puts an tried-and-true maxim to use in online interaction.

Video: Mitch Canter explains how to keep the attention on customers and
fans in social media.

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