Video: Ike Pigott on thoughtful customer service

Video: Ike Pigott shares the first step in customer service using social media.

Not every company deals with customers and complaints in the same way. It can be a real challenge to businesses in traditional sectors. We can’t all be Uber and Apple and Oreo.

Ike Pigott has worked in media, in nonprofits and in utilities. His interactions over the years has helped him understand customer needs and how to respond thoughtfully, which he discussed in “How to Make the Unsexy, Sexy” at Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power.

His ideas can lead to better customer service and stronger reputations.

Our guests loved his talk:

  • “Phenomenal!”
  • “He was engaging and funny. Held my complete attention during afternoon energy drop.”
  • “Ike is a lively speaker and subject is apt.”

Watch our clips and learn from the best.

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Video: Ike Pigott says to be helpful on social media, share something of value.

Video: Ike Pigott explains how to understand customers better online
through careful listening.

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