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Building a mythology through storytelling

A few days before our annual event, we gather the volunteers together for introductions and training. And we tell stories.

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Andrea Weckerle

Video: Andrea Weckerle on the challenge of digital antagonists

Andrea Weckerle talks about how to deal with these issues in her Y’all Connect talk, “Psychology of Online Antagonists.”

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Ramon De Leon

Video: Ramon De Leon on humanizing brands

The right attitude. Comprehensive training. A goal of building relationships. These are just a few of the steps Ramon De Leon has used to show who he and his colleagues are to customers and fans.

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Mitch Canter

Video: Mitch Canter on the chapter and verse of storytelling

Mitch Canter is not only a veteran Web developer but also a volunteer youth leader at his church. He took his experience from both worlds to present “Storytelling of Biblical Proportions.”

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Jason Falls

Video: Jason Falls on measuring everything

In his talk, he broke down multiple goals into measurable parts.

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Ike Pigott

Video: Ike Pigott on thoughtful customer service

His ideas can lead to better customer service and stronger reputations.

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Video: Whitney Breaux shows the way on social media storytelling

She energized our audience at Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power with her talk, “Don’t Worry, Honey — Your Story Hasn’t Changed!”

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Video: Shelly Kramer on the need for inbound marketing

Inbound marketing works. It brings in leads for Shelly Kramer and for her clients.

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Video: Kim Garst on visual storytelling

Kim Garst wants us to be better storytellers. And on top of that, visual storytellers.

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Ike Pigott responds to a tweeter with ‘Serenity’

When Y’all Connect keynote speaker Ike Pigott detected an unhappy soul in the ‘verse, he sprang into action. He used a common interest, “Firefly,” to connect with a stranger commenting on Twitter about Alabama Power.

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