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Whitney Breaux

Video: Whitney Breaux on consistency in customer experience

She gets how all of us have the power when shopping online and in person.

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Jason Falls

Video: Jason Falls on analyzing social conversation

He shows how to use this emerging type of market research as well as how do to it on a limited budget.

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ebook reader

Great ebook ideas to win new blog subscribers

By offering valuable ebooks for the cost of an email address, everybody wins.

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blog post

A beginner’s guide to sharing curation

Make your curation efforts stand out in a noisy digital world.

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A beginner’s guide to curation the easy way

Pick a method or two, and learn to curate information painlessly and quickly.

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Mitch Canter

Video: Mitch Canter on the chapter and verse of storytelling

Mitch Canter is not only a veteran Web developer but also a volunteer youth leader at his church. He took his experience from both worlds to present “Storytelling of Biblical Proportions.”

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Shelly Kramer

Video: Shelly Kramer on better content marketing

Shelly Kramer has worked with clients on their content and their marketing plans. She explains it all in “Content Marketing: What, Why and How to Kick Butt at It,” her presentation at Y’all Connect.

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Jen Barnett

Video: Jen Barnett on branding case studies

For her talk, “Better Digital Branding: Three Live Case Studies,” she selected her favorites and examined their branding, their websites and more.

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Ike Pigott

Video: Ike Pigott on sizing up blog posts

Ike Pigott cuts through that clutter in his talk, “Less is More, and More Is Better: Size Matters.”

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James Spann

Video: James Spann on new tricks from a seasoned broadcaster

He learns, he adapts. And in these videos, he shares his insights.

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