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Wade Kwon, James Brown

Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for keeping us honest. Thank you for helping us improve year after year.

We read all your comments from our surveys. We note all your concerns shared at our events. And we take a moment to share your kind words with the world.

Here are 60 reasons why our guests love Y’all Connect …

  1. “The experts were very informative.”
  2. “The speakers are always high quality and at the top of their games.”
  3. “I learned a lot of practical, useful, interesting info that will help me reach new people for the nonprofits I volunteer with.”
  4. “Content and speakers were engaging and knowledgeable.”
  5. “There were some thought-provoking sessions.”
  6. “Lots of practical and usable information.”
  7. “Thank you for offering the book store!”
  8. “Lots of great ideas. Cool topics.”
  9. “Learned lots that I didn’t know.”
  10. “Valuable nuggets of information.”
  11. “It is directly related to my work.”
  12. “Networking.”
  13. “Valuable for my organization and job.”
  14. “Social media is constantly changing. The conference provided the latest know-how and best practices for use of social media.”
  15. “Practical info.”
  16. “There was a lot of good information on a variety of topics.”
  17. “Learning from experts about better communication.”
  18. “It got me thinking of new ideas and things to implement into my work.”
  19. “There was a good mix of information. I also liked that the presenters were of all age groups, especially based on the presentation on generational differences.”
  20. “It was convenient, informative and had a welcoming atmosphere of peers.”
  21. “The speakers gave actionable advice.”
  22. “I learned and/or was reminded of important ways to improve my business.”
  23. “It was a good value, especially when you factor in the savings on travel.”
  24. “Social media is always changing, so it is important to stay updated on new trends/best practices.”
  25. “The speakers were knowledgeable and very good at keeping my attention.”
  26. “Provided me with lots of information I can use on the job and share with management to improve communications.”
  27. “Always great content.”
  28. “It helped to illuminate the changes in the social media landscape.”
  29. “Always great to learn from others ‘in the know.’ Hard to keep up with different things these days.”
  30. “There was usable information and tips on how to apply said information.”
  31. “Good customer-focused info.”
  32. “Lots of marketing tips. Need to read back over notes (lots of nuggets).”
  33. “Definitely kept people engaged.”
  34. “It was cool to be encouraged to delve deeper into digital conversations.”
  35. “Exactly targeted info I needed!!”
  36. “Super informative, funny.”
  37. “It was good to hear insights about this new tech.”
  38. “Great tips on a skill I need to learn.”
  39. “Great involvement from attendees — I liked hearing others’ experiences.”
  40. “Great storytelling insights.”
  41. “Engaging and useful at the same time.”
  42. “Awesome x 10.”
  43. “Gained valuable info about telling a story.”
  44. “Practical advice. Powerful examples.”
  45. “Fascinating and timely — great advice for marketing and making an impact.”
  46. “Very insightful info on storytelling that I can use when writing a blog post.”
  47. “Energetic, engaging, relevant across many levels.”
  48. “Good analysis.”
  49. “Funny, relevant, informative and applicable!”
  50. “Information-rich data.”
  51. “Delivered insights that other speakers on this topic are not delivering.”
  52. “Really insightful!”
  53. “Extremely relevant and knowledgeable with precision.”
  54. “Personal, relatable.”
  55. “I learned a few things about building followers and staying engaged with the audiences.”
  56. “Relevant content and inspiring.”
  57. “Useful, transparent information.”
  58. “Amazing — gives novices at social media hope.”
  59. “I received great advice as a first-time social media consultant.”
  60. “All fantastic info!!!”

Thanks for all your feedback! You can share more ideas, suggestions and complaints through our Contact form.

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