The intersection of ad agencies and YouTubers

Video: “Empowering Ads on YouTube”

Smart marketing knows its audience. Smart marketing is inclusive. Smart marketing empowers its viewers.

Thanks to social media and video, we’re seeing more smart marketing by, for and about women.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, discusses this often underserved — and too often degraded — market in a piece for Adweek. Her essay forms the starting point for a larger conversation in the video above.

While major advertising agencies have created a few spots aimed at empowering women, an army of YouTube stars has already laid the groundwork for this wave of girl power.

Video: Toronto comedian Lilly Singh introduces the #GirlLove campaign.

Lilly Singh, tired of “the culture of girl-on-girl hatred,” created #GirlLove in July, a series of videos on her popular YouTube channel to promote women lifting up other women. It’s a breath of fresh air in an Internet culture that feeds on bullying, misogyny and cruelty.

Meanwhile, Wojcicki points out that advertisers who want to reach half the population should push for more women as creative directors and other key agency positions. She sees big potential in longer social stories beyond 30-second televised spots to go deeper into themes, messaging and interaction.

These campaigns, whether top-down or grassroots, have strong connections with a growing audience. That’s the smart play for modern marketers.

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