Sponsoring Y’all Connect in 2017


Who gives Y’all Connect more heft to guests and vendors? Sponsors.

Who keeps our ticket prices so low? Sponsors.

Who brings more publicity and awareness to our event? Sponsors.

Who do we help reach a wide, digitally savvy, marketing-oriented audience? Sponsors!

We’re the state’s largest blogging and social media conference, and we’re still growing.

We added a sponsorship for our app and our videos for 2017.

The biggest names in Alabama and the South are a part of Y’all Connect’s sponsor roster: Alabama Power, Blue Cross Blue Shield of AlabamaMailChimp, the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex and WBHM 90.3 FM. Your company should join this elite group.

Fill out our Sponsor Application, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

And if you have questions, email us at sponsor[at]yallconnect.com.

Help us make Y’all Connect 2017 shine brighter than ever.

We have a limited number of
sponsorship opportunities … 

I want to sponsor!

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