Video: Andrea Weckerle on online conflict management

Video: Andrea Weckerle discusses how to get started on a social media
policy for your company and who should help.

One month. Thirty days. That’s all you need to create a plan to deal with the haters.

At Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power, speaker Andrea Weckerle unveiled her 30-day plan for online conflict management. These videos share several days’ worth of her ideas and tips for getting started, earning buy-in and anticipating crises and responses.

And her full session, “Your 30-Day Plan for Conflict Management Online,” gives the rundown on her monthlong strategy you can follow.

You can purchase the hourlong video of her full seminar for just $19.

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Video: Andrea Weckerle explains where buy-in is needed
within organizations working on online conflict management. 

Video: Andrea Weckerle shares tips on creating a social media response flow chart.

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