Video: Syed Balkhi on managing time for blogging

Video: Syed Balkhi explains how using editorial calendars can help with
content marketing and organization.

Our most precious resource as bloggers is time. Writing, planning, posting, editing, responding, promoting — where do we find time to do it all?

Syed Balkhi has a few tricks to share with us.

His talk at Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power, “Time Management for Bloggers: Streamline Your Editorial Workflow and Grow Your Business Efficiently,” explained how to set priorities and which tools can help us with our tasks.

Our guests loved his talk:

  • “It was extremely detailed and content-heavy.”
  • “Relatable ideas and helpful ideas for everyday use.”
  • “Incredible amount of information.”

Let Syed help with your time management in these selected clips.

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Video: Syed Balkhi shares his favorite WordPress plugin for boosting SEO value
of blog posts.

Video: Syed Balkhi discusses the importance of this tool for bloggers,
marketers and publishers.

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