Video: Ramon De Leon on building relationships for sales

Video: Ramon De Leon on the power of relationships,
building friendships before landing sales

Ramon De Leon came to Birmingham for his first time in June. Not only did he want to help people at Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power, but also to experience our Southern hospitality.

He gave two presentations at the conference. His first one, “Empower the Advocates of Your Brand — Your Employees,” revealed how he transformed colleagues into brand advocates.

In these clips, Ramon showed how he focused on friendships first, how his mother became his sales mentor and what he saw in town once he got off the plane.

You can purchase the hourlong video of his full seminar for just $19.

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Video: Ramon De Leon share the secret to sales he learned at age 7. 

Video: Ramon De Leon describes his journey to Birmingham,
and how he found a great brand advocate.

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