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Building a storytelling dream team

When shopping for a storytelling team for your brand, look for these key players to make it work.

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James Spann

Video: James Spann on successful strategies for social media

From Twitter to YouTube, from Google+ to Snapchat, he frets over followers and cranks out content.

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Iron Man

How Iron Man beats both Superman and Batman

Understanding how characters grow is a vital part of storytelling. But it isn’t always that easy to grasp.

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Where do you need help with digital marketing? Tell us.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions or point you to the best resources online and offline.

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What do we need to build an online buyer persona?

To create a realistic buyer persona, we need good building blocks. Let me offer some ways to assemble the puzzle into a clear portrait of our target audience.

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Resisting the seduction of the digital marketing rut

We have inadvertently trapped ourselves in a comfortable but restraining filter bubble.

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Jason Falls

Video: Jason Falls on measuring everything

In his talk, he broke down multiple goals into measurable parts.

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We want you onstage: Tell us about your successful digital campaign

This is a great opportunity for a company to show off its digital marketing prowess and meet hundreds of new fans. It’s perfect for our guests, hungry for tactics that produce positive results.

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Video: What is corporate storytelling?

Keynote presenter Ike Pigott delves into the conference theme of corporate storytelling.

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