Video: Kristin T. Scroggin on how each generation uses tech

Video: Kristin T. Scroggin shares some astonishing statistics about
social media and the under-30 set.

Great digital marketing is about knowing your target audience. But do we know them as well as we think?

Kristin T. Scroggin breaks it down for us in her keynote, “Social Media and Generational Difference.” Should you text a Baby Boomer? Should you email a Millennial? And do you need both on your marketing team?

Watch these clips to learn the secrets behind each generation.

You can purchase the video of her full seminar for just $19.

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Video: Kristin T. Scroggin describes the role of dopamine in hooking users on social media.

Video: Kristin T. Scroggin explains how best to send messages to each generation.

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