In talking with our speakers, I arm them with information about you, the guest. They want to know who you are and what you need to learn.

Meeting hundreds of you at our events and talking with you online every day gives me a clear picture of our audience. You’re either marketers or decision makers or both within your organizations.


You’re great at marketing, but not always up to date on recent developments in the digital world (who is?). You serve diverse target audiences in both B2B and B2C across the South.

Your training needs include best practices, refreshers on the basics, the latest trends in digital marketing and knowledgeable feedback on questions and ideas.


Some of you are looking for fresh approaches to campaigns. Some of you are looking for the next great leap in your career.

All of you want to learn. All of you want to be better.

The speakers are getting ready. And on Aug. 11, they’ll put on a terrific show for you at Y’all Connect 2017.


We’d love to see your face in our crowd.
Get your tickets now … 


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