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Jason Falls

Video: Jason Falls on analyzing social conversation

He shows how to use this emerging type of market research as well as how do to it on a limited budget.

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Meeting hundreds of you at our events and talking with you online every day gives me a clear picture of our audience.

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What do we need to build an online buyer persona?

To create a realistic buyer persona, we need good building blocks. Let me offer some ways to assemble the puzzle into a clear portrait of our target audience.

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Shelly Kramer

Video: Shelly Kramer on better content marketing

Shelly Kramer has worked with clients on their content and their marketing plans. She explains it all in “Content Marketing: What, Why and How to Kick Butt at It,” her presentation at Y’all Connect.

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James Spann

Video: James Spann on new tricks from a seasoned broadcaster

He learns, he adapts. And in these videos, he shares his insights.

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David Wilson

Video: David Wilson on determining your company’s value proposition

His hourlong talk is a crash course in business basics and marketing essentials.

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Laura Creekmore

Video: Laura Creekmore on building better content

In her morning talk at Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power, she looked at content creation, specifically Content 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 and how it can be both an asset and a liability.

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