A new venue, a new format for 2017

Rosewood Hall

We have two big changes for Y’all Connect 2017:

First, we’re in a new location, Rosewood Hall, just a few miles south of our previous locations.

We like it for several reasons: It has free parking, all underground so rain or shine, our guests and their vehicles will be safe and sound. It gives us more control over catering, allowing us to feed everyone well. And it’s simply a lovely, elegant venue, as shown above.

We can’t wait to show Rosewood Hall to everyone on Aug. 11.

Second, we’re trying out a new format, one track. All speakers, all guests in one big ballroom. (Don’t worry: They’re not all speaking at the same time.)

This streamlined format has a few advantages: No more scrambling from one room to another to catch the next session (it definitely made for some logistical headaches). That time lost between speakers means we are adding two more sessions. That’s right: Guests will have 2 more hours of speakers for the conference, something previous attendees have requested.

And every guest will be at a table, both regular ticket holders and VIP ticket holders. Everyone will have a place for their laptop, tablet, smartphone, pad or abacus.

Naturally, these changes are worthless if they don’t make our guests happy. As we do every year, we’ll ask attendees to complete surveys on their experience, so they can guide us for future events.

We’re excited to put on the best digital marketing conference once again!

Please let us know if we can answer any questions: Share them in the comments or on our Contact form.

Don’t wait — get your tickets today! 


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