Crunching the numbers on storytelling

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An Austin company has studied audience research and its own database to help speakers improve their presentations. Quantified Communications put its findings into an infographic with 10 statistics.

Two figures stand out:

  • Well-crafted stories make a presentation 21 percent more memorable to the audience.
  • Well-crafted stories make a presentation 35 percent more persuasive.

It’s not just presentations. The best commercials tell a good story. So do the best blog posts, webinars and podcasts. People recall stories more easily than facts and figures — it’s how we’re wired.

Carmine Gallo, author of “Talk Like TED,” goes deeper into the Quantified Communications’ statistics in his post for Inc. Read it, and download the free infographic.

And keep working on incorporating meaningful stories into your digital marketing posts.

Stacey Ferguson

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