Mailbag: Why come back for Y’all Connect?

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Q: Hey Wade: So I’m thinking about coming to the conference this year. My boss said he’ll pay for it if I think I’ll get something new out of it. What would be a good strategy for approaching the conference a second time? — C

A: Y’all Connect is different every year, top to bottom, in lineup and topics. Because social media and digital marketing changes so rapidly, we invite our guests to come back each time to learn something new.

If you and he see topics and speakers that will your company, you should definitely go. Plus, it might be beneficial to network with our guests and speakers to attract new business.

Hope that helps!

I’ll throw in a few more reasons our guests return to Y’all Connect …

  • They want to support a Southern conference, and specifically a Birmingham conference.
  • They want another shot at breaking our wi-fi.
  • Returning guests receive a huge discount.
  • Our event offers great value in having a full day of seminars for one low price.
  • They loved it so much, they came back to bring their boss or a colleague.
  • They want to try out our VIP experience.
  • Our Southern hospitality is unmatched.
  • They get to talk/commiserate with fellow bloggers, social media managers, interns, business owners, C-suite players and newbies.
  • They love shopping our book table from Church Street Coffee and Books.
  • They can’t wait to try Birmingham’s galaxy of world-class restaurants, many new to the scene.

We’ll see you Aug. 11!

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