If your most important asset is people, invest in them now

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Training and professional development often get short shrift at companies these days.

I’ve been fortunate to work at organizations where training was not only a goal, but also a reality. I went to workshops, conferences and lectures, and I forced my staffers to do so as well.

(“Forced” is the right word. Some were so dedicated to the daily grind, they would miss the bigger picture: Taking time to learn, grow and breathe away from their regular duties.)

I asked them to absorb everything, and to share it with us when they returned. A great method to retain knowledge is to teach others what you just learned.

And before the year ended, I made sure to use up all of our training budget (I know, I sound like I’m from an another era), though I didn’t have a lot of options with a few weeks left.

You might need some brushing up. Or you might want to learn some tricks that will help make your job easier. You might have a new intern or colleague or boss who needs a patient, tireless instructor in visual content marketing or metrics that matter. (Hint: You will always have new interns, colleagues and bosses.) Perhaps you simply want peers to understand what you’re trying to accomplish as a content aggregator or a tech startup PR disaster recovery specialist.

Don’t wait till June to send them to Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power. Invest in our 1-hour training videos, led by the foremost experts in digital marketing. Everyone loves our speakers!

Topics covered include social media metrics, blogging tools, branding, customer service, time management (with tools and tips), pricing models, sales funnels and more.

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Take a look at our 27 options:

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Don’t let your training budget go unused. Invest in your people today.

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