For your year-end budget-balancing needs …


The end of the year is budget crunch time for many of you. It’s scrambling to forecast 2016 while maxing out resources for 2015 with only 2 weeks left to go.

Maybe we can help …

Training: For those who haven’t used up the training budget (but don’t necessarily have time for live training while colleagues are out on vacation), we have two options.

First, we have videos on all aspects of digital marketing. Recorded live at Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power, these training sessions offer actionable takeaways from the nation’s leading experts on social media, blogging and more. (Save more by choosing from our special annual collections.) Our 40 videos can be streamed or downloaded at any time, so buy now, use whenever.

Second, we have tickets available for our 2016 daylong conference on June 10 in Birmingham. It’s shaping up to be our best event yet.

Marketing: I spoke with a marketing manager on Monday about the mad dash to ensure each department has zeroed out budgets for 2015. I’ve been there before.

I’ve been reaching out to companies across America to discuss their event marketing plans for 2016. Sometimes, our sponsors prefer to spend their 2015 marketing dollars for future events. We’re happy to help.

Companies interested in partnering with Y’all Connect can review all the options and let me know to contact them. It’s that easy.

Enjoy the rest of your 2015!

If your most important asset is people, invest in them now

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