Super secret sale for super special guests


In getting ready for this event each year, I sometimes let things slip through the cracks. Fortunately, I have sharp-eyed guests who keep me up to speed.

For example, I always let our returning guests have first shot at discounted tickets. I love repeat visitors! But I kept sending out broken links to those passes. Sigh.

I fixed the links, updated the 2017 ticket window and put it all together in a special email for our past guests. It went out this morning at 8 a.m. CST, so look for it now (or check the spam folder).

Regular tickets are $149. Returning guests can purchase a limited number for $69 to $79. Once we run out, it’s over. (We had less than a dozen tickets at last check.) No discounts for VIP tickets.

If you’ve attended Y’all Connect before and didn’t receive today’s special ticket sale email, please contact us right away.

If you’re planning to attend Y’all Connect for your first time, get your tickets here. (Psst, you can still save on tickets by subscribing to our free weekly newsletter.) We’ll see you Aug. 11 in Birmingham!

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