A beginner’s guide to sharing curation

Curation is a starting point, but we owe it to our communities to share curated information.

Using this method for content marketing and fan interaction depends on having reliable platforms that make it easier to consume lots of media quickly and easily. These five suggestions offer tactics beyond sending a link in a Facebook page update or email blast, ones that harness the variety and the stickiness of curated material.

blog post

1. Blog Post

  • What it does: Provides a home base for all content and content marketing. Show curated material through links, videos, slides and many other formats.
  • Also: Promote the curated content through RSS, social media, email, videos, traditional media channels, other blogs and ads.
  • Wade says: As a blogger for 11 years, this is naturally my go-to answer. Bring fans and searchers to your site first and foremost.


2. Storify

  • What it does: This free tool is a blessing for content curation pros and beginners. The top media organizations use it to compile tweets, Facebook updates, photos (from Flickr and Instagram), links and more into stories.
  • Also: Readers can interact and share with parts of the story, or the whole story itself (which can be embedded in a blog post). Here’s the recap of another conference in our blog post and the original Storify post.
  • Wade says: An easy way to assemble a lot of disparate pieces from many channels into one coherent narrative.


3. Pinterest

  • What it does: Allows brands and companies to curate info by topic on visually appealing pinboards. Pick a topic and start pinning.
  • Also: Promote pinboards to Pinterest users as well as non-Pinterest fans and customers. A smart way to show off products, charts, maps, graphics and people.
  • Wade says: Easily the most overlooked tactic. A different way to reach a different set of eyes.


4. Tweetreach

  • What it does: Compiles reports based on a specified Twitter search: keyword, brand name, username, hashtag, phrase or anything else.
  • Also: Use it to discover top followers and community members. Publish a Twitter chat transcript with clickable links. Painlessly curate tons of useful info from Twitter in a few steps.
  • Wade says: Our secret weapon for our conference’s free transcripts. Free for up to 50 100 tweets; pay by either subscription or per report.


5. Hashtracking

  • What it does: Similar to Tweetreach, Hashtracking compiles reports, but only on Twitter hashtags.
  • Also: Offers stats on top Twitter users, impressions and more. Our speaker Mack Collier uses it for his wildly popular weekly #blogchat.
  • Wade says: Another solid option for curating hashtag chats and topics on Twitter, but with only a paid option.

First, make the most of curating great stuff. Then, share it in the smartest ways possible. Make your curation efforts stand out in a noisy digital world.

See even more ideas on curation.

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