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Telling a good story means having a space to call your own. The options have changed quite a bit in the 11 years I’ve been blogging, but it’s still easy to stake out a corner of the Internet for your brand story.

Whether as a test case for your boss or a companion blog for a product launch, you can blog with the fanciest or plainest of tools.

Maybe your company doesn’t even have a website, just a Facebook page. So use the Notes app. Or even a simple page update, as long as you can squeeze it into 63,000 characters (or about 10,000-plus words).

You still have free options like Tumblr and Blogger and WordPress.com, plus Wix and Weebly. And newer kids like Medium and Ghost.

You can pay to use Squarespace or Typepad (yes, Typepad!) or Svbtle (not a typo). (You can pay to use those free sites, too, if you want premium features.)

You can host your own WordPress site for more control (this post from WPBeginner explains the difference between free WordPress.com sites and free WordPress self-hosted sites).

Google+ offers a generous 100,000 characters per post, while Twitter maintains a strict 140-character limit (though you can see users “blog” by posting consecutive, connected tweets).

You shouldn’t be limited to the written word. Create a free video blog on YouTube (or hundreds of other free video platforms). Start a podcast on SoundCloud or Archive.org or Podcast Machine.

Those 20 options represent the best known, but you have hundreds of options beyond them, free and paid, fancy and plain.

You can start blogging in 15 minutes. You can start telling a story that lasts for a hundred words or hundred chapters. It requires only one thing: starting.

Update Sept. 18: I omitted the popular LinkedIn Publishing option, allowing members to share their posts with anyone and everyone.

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