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One of the nicest compliments we’ve ever received was back in March. Century Restaurant in downtown Birmingham tweeted some kind words: “You do a great job of keeping the conference ‘top of mind’!”

That means the world to us. It’s not easy, but it’s important for an annual event to keep up with fans (and vice versa) the other 364 days of the year.

It can be as important for other companies, especially those the ones that cater to customers who make infrequent purchases. Most people buy groceries every week, but they probably shop for cars once every few years. Same with insurance, and TV sets, and computers, and checking accounts, and washing machines.

For long sales cycles, it can critical to maintain top-of-mind presence with the target audience. Here’s how we do it …

Content. Great information on blogging, social media, marketing and Birmingham. Every day of the year, plus weekly posts, weekly newsletters, videos and links to resources and articles.

Channels. Our blog, our newsletter and our social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr). Our biggest ones are our email newsletter, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We go where our fans and customers are.

Consistency. We share useful information from our speakers and from our community. We vet each link and article for best practices. We make sure our primary channels are filled with interesting and varied ideas and tactics, because we know each company and each marketer have their own goals and fan bases.

Conversation. Interaction is very important to us. If someone asks a question or makes a suggestion, we respond in a timely fashion. It’s not ideal if we’re always broadcasting — it’s much better when we’re listening and responding.

Care. We truly care about our fans and customers. We want everyone to succeed at blogging and social media, so we’re ready to lend a hand with encouragement or suggestions or a friendly smile.

Sure, it’s all a part of good branding. If people think of our brand in a positive way, or when they have a concern about digital marketing, that association leads to top-of-mind presence.

We’re fortunate to have a growing fan base and big crowds at our conference. We keep people in the loop and let them decide how much or how little they want to take in. Our goal is to make it easy, beneficial and fun.

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