Bloggers share lessons from 2015 conference, part 1

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The blogger roundup is becoming longer and longer each year … and we love it!

Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power has given all of us a lot to learn and process and integrate into our marketing plans. We start with part 1 of our tour through the blogs and the lessons of 2015 …

(See part 2.)

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Michael Tomberlin“Alabama’s Y’all Connect to explore the very latest in digital marketing” Alabama NewsCenter

Writer Michael Tomberlin from Alabama Power talked with 2014 speaker Jason Falls about Birmingham and digital marketing for this conference preview. Falls discussed the importance of online presence for companies:

“That doesn’t mean there aren’t businesses that can’t survive without being online, but those are becoming fewer and farther between.”

Je'Don Holloway“Blogger’s Weekend Paradise in Birmingham!” Life. Culture. People.

In the first of two posts, Je’Don Holloway-Talley shares her excitement at attending our event.

“I am in #BloggersParadise right now, as I commune with hundreds of bloggers and media outlets! The speakers/workshops that I have been attending today are phenomenal.”

C.A. Marks“Y’all Connect 2015 Birmingham Conference #yallconnect,” Moxie Beautiful

Video blogger C.A. Marks shares her morning walk-through of the conference in this short tour.


Candie Price“Why the Y’all Connect Conference was like rediscovering bacon,” Philly Girl in the South

Candie Price rediscovers an old love.

“Today’s content resonated with me and where I am with my businesses, blogs, and brand and it felt good … it felt REAL and it felt TASTY … like BACON!”

Adrienne Nixon“Y’all Connect, See Jane Write and Erica B DIY Style,” Adrienne’s Essentials

Adrienne Nixon raved about our speakers, including Stacey Ferguson and Shaun King.

“SHAUN KING is the TRUTH. His cause, what he stands for and how he handles social media.”

Four other sites gave shout outs to our June event: … Birmingham magazine’s The Buzz … The Terminal … and Happenin’s in the ‘Ham. We’ll have even more coverage in part 2.

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