Gender Avenger Hall of Fame, 2 years in a row


One of our big announcements at Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power was a rerun.

GenderAvenger Hall of FameWe made it into the Gender Avenger Hall of Fame. Again.

The first time was in 2014. This makes us the only event in the organization’s history to be inducted 2 years in a row.

We’re proud of this accomplishment and grateful to the folks at Gender Avenger for including us in their roster.

They were also kind enough to ask us to write a guest post for the blog, explaining how we managed this achievement.

Spoiler: It’s not as difficult as it seems.

I revealed our super secret process for finding the best speakers while making our lineup as diverse as our audience.

I hope you’ll take a look.

Our thanks to Gender Avenger for both this honor and the hard work they do in promoting diversity everywhere.

Note: We donated the $200 payment for our guest post to Gender Avenger, which is part of the New Venture Fund, a nonprofit organization.

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