Bloggers share lessons from 2015 conference, part 2


We’re featuring more bloggers from all walks of life in part 2 of our roundup. (See who’s featured in part 1.)

They took away some great lessons from our speakers at Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power, as seen below.


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Michael Kline“A New Series: Newsletter Tips for Missionaries” The Missions and Media Guy

Michael Kline found a bonus in sitting on Taylor Robinson’s session:

“His advice could be applicable not only to a ministry or missionary’s social media, but also to all other fundraising medium’s including one that is vital to a missionary’s correspondence with his/her supporters: the newsletter.”

Mack Collier“The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show Episode 31: The Legal Concerns of Social Media With Kerry Gorgone,” Mack Collier

Our 2013 speaker Mack Collier brought in 2015 speaker Kerry O’Shea Gorgone for an interview on his podcast, discussing legal issues in social media.

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Sheree Martin“Twitter Recap of #YallConnect 2015,” Birmingham Shines

Podcaster Sheree Martin curated conference tweets into this terrific Storify post.



Kerry O'Shea Gorgone“Are Conferences Worth It? How Can They Be Better? With Mack Collier on Marketing Smarts,” MarketingProfs

Kerry brought Mack onto her podcast to talk about what makes for a great conference, and how they can improve.

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Williesha Morris“You’re Worth More Than $20 an Hour (and Other Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Work for Entrepreneurs),” Williesha Morris

Williesha Morris picked up “awesome brain nuggets” from speakers David Griner and Laura Creekmore and shared them in a detailed post.

“Content strategist Laura Creekmore challenged us to calculate things like:

  • How much time it takes to come up with an idea
  • How much time to create one aspect of the project
  • How many other people are involved?
  • How often should the content be reviewed?”

Candie Price“Plan to Blow it Up and other cool lessons at Y’all Connect 2015,” Your PR Diva

Candie Price devoted a second in-depth post to our event on her company blog, this time looking at sessions from Stacey Ferguson, David Wilson, Ike Pigott, Kary Delaria and David Griner. She includes lessons from each session.

“Keep your ears to the ground next year — you DON’T want to miss this content-rich conference and your chance to BLOW UP in your career and/or business!”

“Incorporating more social in communications strategy,” Alabama NewsCenter

Alabama Power’s Alexis Robinson examined Ike Pigott’s talk on social media in crisis communication. Plus, the story includes an excellent video of the conference.

“Pigott noted the importance of listening to one’s audience and following the best platform for content.”

Honorable mention to Rodney’s Saga blogger Katherine Walcott who wrote a preview post and an almost-recap post. (We hope to see you in 2016, Katherine.)

See part 1.

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