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I hate writing promos. But I love saving time.

I’ve put off writing Y’all Connect promos for months, usually for more pressing matters. But after much procrastination, I spent the last hour putting together tweets about our blog, social media channels, videos, specific posts, our newsletter and more.

They will last for at least a year, with minor tweaks and additions along the way.

For myself and my clients, I have found scheduling social media updates and repetition to be very effective in deepening relationships with others. This may go against what others have preached: no scheduled posts; no “spamming” of followers.

I have shared a link over and over for years, one to subscribe to my company newsletter. And in posting hundreds of times on various social networks, I have seen a steady click rate and a steady increase in subscribers.

I write out a list of teasers, more than 31 so they can vary from month to month. At the end of the month, I schedule at least one update a day for the next month at a random time between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. CST. (Why some brands tweet in the middle of the night baffles me.)

I often think of new promos along the way, so I add them to my file for the next month.

Most fans will never see all of these promos; at best, they’ll see one or two in a given month. And new fans will see it as new content.

Of course, I’ll have the usual editorial content each day as well.

Many marketers simply forget to make evergreen promos part of their social media editorial calendar. But it is an effective and way to connect with people in the ways they care about while saving hours in writing and posting.

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