67 reasons guests give to attend Y’all Connect


Y’all Connect guests are our toughest critics. They should be — they pay to attend and expect a lot.

We are fortunate to have their feedback about our annual event. And we listen carefully to their critiques, even if they’re difficult for us to hear. We want to serve our guests better, and we want to grow.

They have been kind and generous with their compliments, too. (We’ve put them in the right sidebar, for those looking at the full version of the site.)

Allow us to share 67 reasons you should attend in 2015 …

  1. “The information I learned at the conference is very helpful and useful for my job.”
  2. “GREAT info and terrific networking.”
  3. “Great presentations, great information.”
  4. “I learned valuable info about SEO that I didn’t know, but that I can implement immediately.”
  5. “Packed with info that I can use right now.”
  6. “When I left, my head was exploding with new knowledge. Amazing wealth of knowledge shared. It was hard to pick one session over another.”
  7. “I really enjoyed getting to network with so many Southern social media superstars.”
  8. “I’m new to the digital world and don’t always even know the questions to ask. Great perspectives and cross-pollination!”
  9. “Speakers were engaging and very knowledgeable.”
  10. “The speakers were top-notch and gave valuable info.”
  11. “I left with many tools for my marketing toolbox.”
  12. “First real, digital-focused event in Birmingham. Great range of topics.”
  13. “I really thought I knew a lot about social media and blogging and came away learning a lot.”
  14. “I learned things I wish I’d known years ago.”
  15. “Amazing speakers and ideas.”
  16. “Lots of great information, NEW information and educational.”
  17. “A great team of speakers with valuable information. This was probably one of the better conferences on the topic that I have attended!”
  18. “Gave me a whole new approach to marketing.”
  19. “There were a variety of speakers NOT from Birmingham – got outside points of view.”
  20. “Good shot in the arm with lots of best practices.”
  21. “I liked the variety of presentations.”
  22. “Speakers were knowledgable, informative and up on current trends.”
  23. “It was great to hear how successful people were able to use social media to their advantage.”
  24. “The sessions were very informative, and I met some great people.”
  25. “Many of the speakers seem to have pioneered social media as a tool for business.”
  26. “Great speakers that have experience.”
  27. “It really opened my eyes to the value of Social Media.”
  28. “The speakers provided great insights that I wouldn’t have known where to begin to look by myself.”
  29. “I gained many ideas that will help us.”
  30. “The majority of the speakers were knowledgeable on their topic and had good advice to impart.”
  31. “The content of the speakers was very relevant.”
  32. “Great speakers and information. A good investment of time!”
  33. “Fresh ideas and content!”
  34. “The speakers were really interesting and relevant. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet with them and speak during the day, ask their opinions.”
  35. “It gave great insight on how to better use social media to benefit my company.”
  36. “It was extremely interesting, engaging and informative.”
  37. “Very informative and educational, yet funny!”
  38. “Practical, humorous real-life examples of blogging for effect.”
  39. “Learned some things that I can implement in my business immediately.”
  40. “It is very relevant to my job and helps be stay on the cutting edge.”
  41. “It provided good takeaways.”
  42. “It provided relevant information and gave inspiration for new ideas and initiatives.”
  43. “I learned several new ideas and concepts, and also got some important reminders.”
  44. “I took away good nuggets of information.”
  45. “Great speakers, excellent takeaways.”
  46. “It kept me up to date on trends, how to best utilize my social outlets, and tips and tricks on general social media practices.”
  47. “It opened my eyes to a new way of growing professionally and in my network.”
  48. “There was great info from people who seemed to have pioneered Social Media as a marketing and customer relations tool.”
  49. “I obtained a few nuggets of solid info that I could immediately apply.”
  50. “The information was valuable and direct.”
  51. “It gave great insight on how to better use social media to benefit my company.”
  52. “Presenters knew material firsthand.”
  53. “It helped me think outside the box.”
  54. “Insight & inspiration from the speakers.”
  55. “Each speaker talked about a different subject, so an ample amount of information was shared to the attendees.”
  56. “Great, current information.”
  57. “I love being at a conference with like minded people who understand what the daily challenges are of social media today.”
  58. “All of the ideas were current and applicable to my business”
  59. “Learned new ideas.”
  60. “The speakers were genuine in the way they shared their knowledge.”
  61. “Good speakers who are active in social media NOW.”
  62. “Made a few good networking contacts & learned some things that”
  63. “I can implement in my business immediately.”
  64. “The information was practical.”
  65. “Great speakers and information. A good investment of time!”
  66. “I learned many valuable tips and strategies.”
  67. “The speakers were impressive and gave good information.”


Hope to see y’all June 12 at our 2015 conference!

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