Kind words for our speakers

We love our speakers. But more importantly, you love our speakers.

After having compiled evaluation surveys, I’m pleased to share just a few of our guests’ compliments regarding our speakers’ talents and talks.

Jenny Schmitt

Jenny Schmitt

“Jenny is a great communicator and knows a lot.”

“Wonderful speaker and really interesting content. Great presentation!”

“Fast pace, packed with new knowledge and tools I will use with clients.”

Jenny’s seminar videos.

Ike Pigott

Ike Pigott

“Great presentation. Great points that were ‘out of the box.’ ”

“Ike is dynamic and a joy to watch.”

“Practical, humorous real-life examples of blogging for effect.”

• Ike’s seminar videos.

Alison Groves

Alison Groves

“Clear, thorough.”

“Relevant to my business; learned something new.”

“Great content.”

• Alison’s seminar video.

Kim Garst

Kim Garst

“She knew her stuff! Great advice. Practical. Get more people like her! Best session of the day!”

“She walked through many helpful case studies.”

“A great marketer. I would hire her!”

• Kim’s seminar video.

Jason Falls

Jason Falls

“So much valuable info it was hard to live-tweet!!”

“Very funny, good insight and explained in an interesting way.”

“Funny and strong presentation. Best of the day!”

• Jason’s seminar video.

Kary Delaria

Kary Delaria

“Takeaways I will use in creating and pushing content.”

“Good ideas for implementing strategy.”

“The speaker was funny and engaging.”

• Kary’s seminar video.

Ramon De Leon

Ramon De Leon

“Ramon was so energetic and passionate! Very informative!”

“It was inspiring and high energy.”

“Awesome speaker. I could 100 percent relate to everything he spoke to.”

• Ramon’s seminar videos.

Whitney Breaux

Whitney Breaux

“My company and employees could benefit from her perspective on online success.”

“Powerhouse, passionate speaker.”


• Whitney’s seminar video.

Jen Barnett

Jen Barnett

“Very informative and well organized; loved the speaker’s personality.”

“It provided good examples of how to improve social image and evaluate.”

“Great real-life application!! Awesome session. Jen should do every session!”

• Jen’s seminar videos.

Syed Balkhi

Syed Balkhi

“He was so knowledgeable and engaging. What an inspiring speaker!”

“Enlightening, fast paced. Syed is on top of his game”

“It was extremely detailed and content-heavy.”

• Syed’s seminar videos.

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