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When shopping for a storytelling team for your brand, look for these key players to make it work. You might be hiring in house, you might be looking for an agency. In either case, you should build that team wisely.

If you’re starting out with one person, hire an all-around marketing professional. Someone who can think strategically and write well. They should be comfortable working in digital and traditional media.

Looking for two people? Get that marketing pro plus a writer. Writing is time consuming, so it doesn’t hurt to find one used to writing on deadline for a news organization. Put them to work with ad copy, blog posts, social media updates, email newsletters, scripts, white papers, ebooks and anything else you can think of.

A three-person team could have the two above plus a video producer. This member should be able to work with video cameras and smartphones, rig up mics, start a Facebook Live vid in a flash and get the lighting perfect. Also, the producer should be able to edit and upload videos, naturally.

Going for four people? Invest in video talent. Perhaps they’re a TV reporter looking to move into marketing, or an up-and-coming YouTube personality. This individual will literally become the face of your brand.

And rounding out a five-person team, hire a data nerd. Someone who can dig through reams of data and analyze the metrics, pointing the marketing group in the right direction. A statistics background and a keen eye are necessary.

Those are the five I’d pick to power a digital marketing plan for my company. Oh the stories they could tell …

How about you? Tell me who you’d pick instead in the comments.

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