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I don’t pay attention to school calendars, so imagine my surprise when I found out that this year’s Y’all Connect is during the school year. *shocked face emoji*

That’s right: For many kids in the Birmingham area, they’ll be working away in the classroom for their second day of the fall semester. I may never understand when the academic year begins and ends.

Well, no problem for 2018 — shooting for Friday, June 15.

But as for this year …

Celebrate your children learning and growing by learning and growing with us on Aug. 11. We always have to work to keep up with digital marketing, but our seven speakers will make it painless and fun.

Even though our ticket sales ended last week, we’ve released a few last-minute tickets. (And for a little bit more, treat yourself to the VIP experience.) If you waited too long, you have one final opportunity to jump on board. Grab a ticket before they run out, or before it’s 5 p.m. CDT Friday, Aug. 4.

Want to know more? Visit our rundown of sessions for 2017. It’ll be good to see y’all again — it’s been too long.

No homework, no tests, just networking and learning.

We’ll see you next week in Birmingham …

Buy your tickets

Update Aug. 1: Note: Sadly, Stacey Ferguson will not be available to speak at Y’all Connect this year.

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