Shout out to Viewtopia Pictures

Syed Balkhi

Great event photography is difficult.

Wait, what am I saying? Great event photography is super easy.

I’ve worked in journalism for a majority of my career, and I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside some terrific photojournalists. I’ve recommended them to many an event planner or conference director.

Christine PrichardY’all Connect uses Viewtopia Pictures,, based here in Birmingham. I’ve known photographer Christine Prichard for nearly 20 years, and we worked together at the Birmingham Post-Herald.

She’s so good, our speakers use her photos for their headshots and marketing materials. Look at Syed Balkhi at Y’all Connect 2014 (above) and how he integrated those pics into his new Facebook page.

I hope you’ll check out her work. See all of her photos from our 2014 event. Her site has a huge portfolio or her work.

Great event photography is super easy when you have a professional shooter like Christine in your corner.

Viewtopia Pictures



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