Save big on tickets with your squad, tribe or club


I’m getting ready to send out discount codes for tickets to Y’all Connect 2017, but I’m missing something …

Your group.

Our digital marketing conference is more fun with a friend. Bring your colleagues, boss, underlings, pals, teammates, frenemies and clients on Aug. 11 and save $30 off regular admission.

Your group can be your company, your department, your professional organization (PRSA, AAF, SJW, RCB, etc.), your blogging circle, your squad — you get the idea. As long as it has at least 10 people, you’re good to go.

Contact me for details, a discount code and promotional materials.

Hurry: The 2017 discount expires July 21 or when promotional redemption limit has been reached.

We can’t wait to see your smiling faces in Birmingham this summer.

P.S. I’ll be happy to give a 60-second mention for Y’all Connect at your next meeting — just ask.

P.P.S. Hotel discounts available, too, but only till July 10.

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