Don’t forget to include the Stinky Cow


Photo: Martin Abegglen (CC)

The difference between a typical tale and a standout story is one dead cow.

That’s what consultant Andy Raskin found out at his storytelling workshop. He wrote about the idea in a post for the Mission.

Max, a participant, said he had switched from the film industry to marketing. Pressed for the moment that triggered the decision, he shared the story of riding in a production van after filming, trapped with a rotting cow carcass.

While the detail itself is rather unpleasant, it’s so memorable that it elevates the storyteller in his peers’ estimation. They found him more trustworthy, more decisive and more creative.

Amazing what happens when we flesh out our stories. Details matter, not only in conveying a sense of place but also in sharing the storyteller’s core values.

Raskin shares more about his newly dubbed Stinky Cow Principle in his post.

Let’s make sure our stories stand out by stinking them up.

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