Thanks, y’all!

We are blessed to have so many friends and supporters in our inaugural year. We shall attempt to list as many as possible …

Our volunteer coordinator Beckie Dobrinski has done great work in keeping everything (and everyone) on track. A big thank you to all of our volunteers who make this event run with nary a hiccup. Thanks also to Christy Jordan, who brings Alabama sunshine to every corner, and to Jack Wyrick for documenting our event in elegant photos, and to Christopher Davis for the very stylish printed program.

Our sponsors took a chance on a brand new conference, and we can’t thank them enough (take a moment to thank them in person or online): Alabama PowerBlue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, Rusty’s Bar-B-Q and the Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau.

We’re also grateful to Books-A-Million and MailChimp for their assistance. Special thanks to Cheryl Mitchner at Sheraton Birmingham for her kind guidance and seemingly boundless patience.

A million thanks to our brilliant speakers Erika, Nichole, Shelly, Andrea, Jenny, Mack, James, Mitch, Peter and Ike.

If you found out about Y’all Connect, it probably wasn’t from us but through coverage online, in print or over the air. So many thanks to Fox 6, Weld for Birmingham, ABC 33/40, Birmingham News and the SociaLight Hour. Thanks to all the professional organizations and user groups who helped get the word out.

Three bloggers who we love dearly went beyond the call of duty to share the story of Y’all Connect: Rachel of Alabama Bloggers, Javacia of See Jane Write and Carol of Rocket City Bloggers.

Thanks to our friends Sean, Jen and Kenn for their tireless efforts and simply listening when needed most.

And lastly, thank you to our guests today! We appreciate your attendance and your attentiveness and your ongoing support.

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