Dress up your YouTube profile page

Rockstar Energy Drink on Youtube

Rockstar Energy Drink’s YouTube page has a banner and profile image (upper left) designed to work together. [Click image to see full size.]

I visit dozens of YouTube channels in any given week. They are often … underwhelming.

I mean, they have great videos. But their profile pages are lacking vital info. What’s this channel about? Where can I see more about them online?

Good digital marketing means having all the bases covered, including basic profile information on social networks. Take an hour to make your company’s YouTube channel shine. That will make it easier for fans and customers to follow your videos, find more to watch and reach out to you with questions. (Visit the Rockstar Energy Drink YouTube page to see these examples live.)

For the profile overall:

  1. Add a profile image and banner image (up to 2,560px wide by 1,440px high). Leave room in the lower right for custom links …

Rockstar YouTube about tab

Rockstar’s About tab on its YouTube channel [click image to see full size]

For the About tab:

  1. Add custom links at the bottom. Start with company site and blog, maybe throw in a few social media channels. Feeling fancy? Add a link to company videos and other multimedia assets, things of interest to YouTube visitors.
  2. Make the description sing. Why should users subscribe to your channel? What do you offer here that’s different from other outposts (hint: product demos, behind the scenes, live events, vlogs from staffers)? FYI: URLs don’t work here — go back to No. 2.
  3. Beef up the right sidebar with handpicked Featured Channels. Otherwise, YouTube will fill it with Related Channels, e.g. your competitors. (Note: Channels are other YouTube accounts; Playlists are custom groups of videos.)
Rockstar YouTube home tab

Rockstar’s Home tab on its YouTube channel

For the Home tab:

  1. Keep both returning visitors and new visitors in mind. YouTube allows you to set the experience for each audience.
  2. Pick a compelling auto-play video: For new visitors, a brief overview of what your channel offers; for returning visitors, a recent video with a big number of views. This is the first thing visitors see when landing on your channel.
  3. Show the breadth of your channel with sections. YouTube gives you many options for these slots, including content and display. Highlight your best playlists and videos, your latest uploads and live streams. The more they watch, the more likely they’ll subscribe.

For the Playlists tab:

  1. Get organized. Help your audience find more videos they can watch by grouping your videos into Playlists. Categories could include products, services, customer type, mood, events, sneak peeks, demonstrations and promotions.
  2. Include great relevant content. You can add any video into Playlists — even ones created by other users — so build a playlist around customers using your product or giving reviews and testimonials.

Take a look at YouTube pages in similar categories. Think about what you want to convey to your audience through videos. And make your company’s YouTube page stand out with a well-crafted message and design.

Take a look at Wade’s YouTube page for more ideas.

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