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Video: Intro to Pixar’s “The Art of Storytelling” course

“The Incredibles” is my all-time favorite animated movie, and one of my favorite movies in general. I own a Blu-Ray disc of “Wall-E.” I think the “Toy Story” trilogy is just about perfect.

They’re all from Pixar, the animation studio extraordinaire.

Pixar has offered lessons in the technical aspects of computer animation through the popular Khan Academy. A few weeks ago, it added “The Art of Storytelling” to its syllabus, showing off the process artists use at the company.

The lessons provide videos and exercises for student use. Lesson No. 1, We Are All Storytellers, is available, with Lesson No. 2 on Character coming this month.

It’s all free.

Digital marketers who want to create compelling narratives for their brands can learn from Oscar winners (13 Academy Awards to date) on the device of their choice. I’m already studying the first lesson …

Pixar can help us tell better stories. It’s the next best thing to drawing the next “Inside Out.”

Storytelling in depth: Why Woody and Buzz matter

Brad Bird tells stories, which happen to be fantastic. And animated.


Russell and Carl from “Up”

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