The strength of blogging is community

Birmingham has great blogging communities. And around Alabama, great blogging communities are paving the way. (Just last week, the Southern Bloggers Jubilee put up its website and renamed itself Gulf Coast Bloggers.)

A community celebrates its members, their stories and accomplishments. It keeps us blogging even when we don’t feel like it.

If a blogger, whether solo or corporate, makes it to the community stage where she can collaborate and commiserate with fellow bloggers, she will likely prosper. (We should really commission a study on this …) Those who operate with no feedback and no love may falter sooner.

Which is why we should recognize community at every turn.

The second annual Bloganista Mini-Con presented by Laura Vincent Printing and Design took place Saturday in Vestavia Hills. I’ve been both times, and it’s a great opportunity for bloggers to improve and monetize their craft.

Our friend Javacia Harris Bowser is the event organizer, and it’s part of the many offerings from Birmingham organization See Jane Write. A packed room of bloggers spent the day learning insights from the all-female lineup.

They’ve shared their insights in recap posts:

Congratulations to Javacia for a terrific conference! And thanks to all the bloggers across our state who share their stories every day.

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