Let’s meet the first three speakers for 2014

Erika Napoletano, Ike Pigott, Jenny Schmitt

I know you’re going to love these speakers at Y’all Connect 2014.

It’s because you loved them in 2013.

Erika Napoletano, Ike Pigott and Jenny Schmitt are returning for our June 13 conference. You told us how much you loved their talks, and we just had to have them back in Birmingham. Erika will be flying in from Chicago, Jenny will hop over from Atlanta, and Ike will make the short jog from 2 blocks away.

We’ll announce their sessions soon, but enjoy these video clips from their presentations last year. And learn more about them on our Speakers page.

Update April 22: Erika will not be available to speak at Y’all Connect 2014.

Erika Napoletano on stories from people and brands

Ike Pigott on corporate storytelling

Jenny Schmitt on understanding millennials

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in our YouTube playlist.

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