Twitter transcript for Y’all Connect 2017

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Every tweet from our 2017 conference has landed in one document.

Read our Twitter transcript for Y’all Connect. And download a PDF copy.

Note: You’ll find 400 tweets from 56 contributors.

10 ideas for using our Twitter transcript:

  1. Review ideas from all six speakers.
  2. Ask follow-up questions to tweeters (click timestamps to see original tweet).
  3. Embed favorite tweets in your blog posts and websites.
  4. See who attended which sessions to trade notes.
  5. Follow your new favorite tweeps.
  6. See everyone’s photos from the conference.
  7. Retweet the best tweets.
  8. Email a copy to colleagues (use the “Email” button at the end of this post).
  9. Painstakingly copy/paste each link to see where it leads.
  10. Tweet about the transcript!

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